Sample writing buddies post: birds and nests

Dear readers,

This was my first post in our writing buddies space. I’d been thinking a lot about one of the central images/metaphors of my dissertation, and had been referred to this piece of text by a friend. Sharing both the image and text felt important to show Indigo, and their positive response helped me feel more secure about my own inklings of how this might be a good path. However, Indigo’s questions about my cartoon were even more helpful than the positive response, because they gave me space to articulate more about what I was thinking.

In asking questions, my writing buddy challenged me – gently and lovingly – to articulate the connections I was seeing but maybe were not clear. That was super useful to have that voice speaking directly back to the work. If you are someone’s writing buddy, the way that you ask questions and just asking questions at all shows an interest that is incredibly buoyant for the writer.

Best – Noah

NoahK [4:48 PM]:

A hand-drawn image of a bird standing on a branch above a nest which rests in the crook of two branches. Text in French surrounds the drawing that reads: "L'outil, réellement, c'est le corps de l'oiseau lui-même, sa poitrine, dont il presse et serre les matériaux jusqu'à les rendre absolument dociles, les mêler, les assujettir à l'œuvre générale...Pas un de ces brins d'herbe qui, pour prendre et garder la courbe, n'ait été mille et mille fois poussé du sein, du cœur, certainement avec trouble de la respiration, avec palpitation peut-être...L'oiseau bâtit pour la famille. Insouciant, il vivait sous la claire feuillée, en butte à ses ennemis; mais dès qu'il n'est plus seul, la maternité prévue, espérée, le fait artiste. Le nid est une création de l'amour." (Michelet, 1898, 208-210).

Indigo Esmonde [4:03 AM]: Wow, “l’outil, réellement, c’est le corps de l’oiseau lui-même, sa poitrine,” très cool. Seems so à propos (ha) to your project – we build the nest with our bodies, we build the nest with our whole selves. Is that how you’re using it, or??? So curious about what this means to you and your project.

NoahK [4:15 PM]: Hey dear heart – thanks for that. NESTS are so preoccupying – I’m thinking of nests as the material-semiotic spaces that are co-created by kids and parents together. I REALLY like what Michelet says here about how having children inspires creativity and art (INOVATION AND IMPROVISATION, as well as SOCIALIZATION) and how nests are a labour of love (and WORK/EFFORT/SUFFERING). That double-edge feels really important, and is a reflection of what a lot of parents talk about in my data – how it is so difficult, and can also be so wonderful, and how they try hard and can’t help but fuck up.

Best – Noah

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